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Telephone systems in the Cloud

We supply new-generation telephone systems and services for business customers. We host your telephone switchboard in the “cloud” and we connect telephones or other devices to the hosted switchboard via the internet.
The system provides full office switchboard features at much lower cost than traditional PBX installations. You can transfer calls, put callers on hold, set up queues, answer calls automatically and handle multiple calls at the same time.
You can use any brand of VoIP compatible telephone and you can connect your iPhone or other type of smart-phone as well as tablet computers to make & receive business calls anywhere. We can even ring all of your devices at the same time, wherever they are.
We enable you to solve problems and deal with challenges which traditional systems cannot do. For example:

  • Keeping your business phone number when you move to a different exchange area
  • Running your business from home with a separate business phone number on the same line
  • Making incoming calls ring in several places at the same time
  • Connecting phones in different locations on a shared business switchboard so that they can all answer calls and make calls using the same business number
  • Forwarding calls automatically to a virtual receptionist when your team members cannot respond
  • Answering business calls on your mobile device without incurring forwarding charges
  • Making and receiving calls abroad on your UK number with no extra costs
  • Publishing a business landline number which just routes to your mobile
  • Advertising different phone numbers for your business in different places with different area codes, so that incoming calls can all be answered on the same phones.

All of this and more can be done easily with our internet telephony solutions.

Call us now on 023 9267 8800 for a friendly discussion with one of our consultants. We will explain what’s possible and at what cost without blinding you with science.

Why should you work with Yestech?

Although we sell 21st century technology we do so with time-honoured customer service. You won't find a shopping basket or a checkout here.  That’s because we want to talk to you before you buy anything from us.

We will listen to what you what you want and explain the options in plain English.  Then we will give you a fixed-price quotation for the complete solution and we will make it work for you.

Some other good reasons why you should let us look after your telecoms:


  • We do not impose a minimum contract period for our services so you are always free to switch to another service provider at any time without penalty
  • You can try-before-you buy
  • You get a cast-iron money-back guarantee if the system does not work
  • No DIY and no manuals to read – just pick up the phone to us
  • We will give you a generous helping of time


So if you have a problem to solve or if you just want some honest advice about how to save some money then please just call us on 023 9267 8800.
To email us please
click here.

NO Minimum Term Contract | Try before you buy | Guaranteed Cost-Savings


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