Project Description

Objective: To enable a team of home-based workers to share the same phone system

This company has no central office. All the training consultants and support team members work from their homes.

For each team member we connected a cordless VoIP telephone phone to their domestic internet router. Each telephone is set up as an extension on a hosted virtual switchboard server. The VoIP telephones operate over regular residential internet services without affecting the users’ computer activities and without interfering with their domestic telephone usage. No extra lines or equipment were needed.

We imported their main business telephone number from BT to our service. Incoming calls make all the home-based phones ring at the same time. Any team member can take the call and they can transfer calls between each other at no cost. When anyone rings out to a customer the call is charged to the company account and the main business number is presented.

This gives the team the freedom to work where they want and how they want and still give a professional impression to their customers.