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Able School of Motoring

We are a driving school and we operate as booking agents for many other independent driving instructors in the Solent area.   We are able to offer very competitive terms for our services because we have invested in internet-based technologies to automate many of our routine administration processes that enables us to keep our operating overheads very low.

Three years ago we wanted to move office and we were looking for a low-cost telephone solution which would meet our particular objectives:

  • Keep our existing phone numbers
  • Advertise with different local area telephone numbers in different towns
  • Forward out-of-hours calls automatically to our third-party call answering centre
  • Answer calls in different locations such as employees’ homes


One of our suppliers recommended Yestech and they were able to do almost everything we wanted at a very sensible price.  Their consultant responded to my many questions honestly and patiently.   They made a clear proposition to me and they did exactly what they promised.

We use a hosted YTEL virtual switchboard which connects to a number of VoIP telephones in several locations.   I can even connect my iPhone to it and use the mobile device as an extension of our business phone system.   We have about 20 telephone numbers with different area codes and the system routes incoming calls to our extensions.   The YTEL software makes it very easy for me to change the way that calls are handled on any of our numbers.  

I like the way that Yestech works.   They answer my calls promptly and they get things done quickly.  I can order new numbers with same-day service and I can cancel any numbers I no longer need with no penalties.  I just pay for what I use.  


Andy Hiscock
Managing Director


Beritaz Care

Our company operates four residential care homes for the elderly in Hampshire and Surrey.   Since 2009 we have been investing in new IT and communications technologies with the aim of improving our care provision.  An important objective was to reduce the administrative burden on our professional care staff.

Part of our plan was to set up a business-wide telephone system which would allow us to direct incoming calls to the most appropriate teams so that care staff would only have to deal with specific care-related enquiries.   The idea was that enquiries about bed vacancies, employment enquiries and general sales calls would be handled by admin staff in our head office.   As well as being a more efficient use of our resources it would ensure that we responded quicker and more professionally to people enquiring about our services

Yestech’s approach to us was timely.  Their proposition for a centrally hosted VoIP switchboard solution was very appealing.    We would not need to invest in any expensive equipment other than buying some new telephones in each site.   We agreed to trial the system in one of our homes before we took the decision to extend it to all of our sites. 

We now have about 25 telephones in five locations connected to a hosted server switchboard server via the internet.  All incoming calls for all of our homes are responded to automatically by an auto-attendant mechanism.   Depending on the option chosen by the caller a call is either routed to the extensions in a particular home or answered by staff in our central office.   We can call any home from head office free of charge and calls between all the homes are free just by dialling an internal extension number. 

The YTEL system has met all of our expectations and it has led to other benefits.   Callers never get an engaged tone when they call any of our homes and our overall monthly telephone costs have been reduced.  

Working with Yestech has been refreshingly easy.   They took care to understand our business and to tailor solutions that suited us rather than just selling off the shelf products.  They treat us with respect and they always respond efficiently when we need to call them.  

Mr A Gnanakumar
Chief Executive


Focal Point Training Ltd

Focal Point uses new generation VoIP phone technology “to go virtual.”

Focal Point Training provides specialist management development training services.   Like many modern companies they like the idea of their team members being able to work from home.   It saves everyone money as well as saving time, cutting stress and generally improving productivity.

Director, Stella Chandler says “the final piece in the jigsaw which would enable us to work together effectively from our homes was a telephone system that allows any of one of our team to answer an incoming call wherever we are.   We met Yestech by chance at a business exhibition and they told us about their internet-based virtual switchboard which promised to exactly what we wanted”.

Yestech set up an account on the YTEL virtual switchboard service and installed a Siemens voice-over-internet (VoIP) cordless telephone in each person’s home.  These telephones connect to the YTEL system via the internet.    We also transferred the customer’s main business number to our service so that incoming calls now ring all of our home-based extensions.   Calls can be transferred easily between extensions and all calls between extensions are completely free of charge.   

The system provides personal voicemail for each extension as well as a company answering machine.   Email alerts are sent to each user whenever voicemail messages are left and these messages can be played back through the user’s PCs.

Stella Chandler comments that “We are very happy with our new phone system, which is now an important part of the professional service we pride ourselves in providing for our clients and supports our home based office approach”.


G&A Care Homes

G&A owns and operates five high quality residential care homes for the elderly in Hampshire and Surrey.    In July 2008 Yestech completed the installation of YTEL voice-over-internet telephone solution to interconnect all the properties onto a single switchboard system.   The aim was to reduce their overall telecommunications bills and to improve the way in which incoming calls were handled.

Mrs Karen Perrin the Business Manager says “I wasn’t particularly looking for a new telephone system but when a sales consultant from Yestech approached me one day he quickly caught my attention when he told me how his YTEL phone system could save us money and make it easier for me to run the business.   We were spending over £1,200 per month for our telephone services in our five properties – not counting the cost of business calls made from my home and from our proprietors home.   Now we are spending closer to £400 per month”.

The YTEL telephone system uses new generation voice-over-internet (VoIP) technology to enable calls to be made completely free of charge between telephones extensions in each property.   Calls that used to be made via BT from one location to another at 3p per minute are now free using the magic of the internet.  

Senior staff members and the business owner each have a YTEL telephone extension in their homes.   They can call the other extensions anywhere free of charge and they can all respond to incoming calls for any of the homes outside normal working hours.

Another big benefit is that The YTEL system is never “busy”.  In the previous arrangement, with just one BT line into each property, when the line was in use no-one else could dial in or out.   The new system makes and receives all calls via the broadband internet connection.   A single internet connection on the existing BT line in each home can easily cope with many incoming and outgoing calls at the same time. 

Mrs Perrin comments “I was worried this would be a complicated and disruptive project with the usual unforeseen extra costs.   I was delighted by how smoothly it went without exceeding the agreed budget.   Yestech’s team kept me well informed and they took responsibility for every part of the project.   Now that the system is in place I can see that we really are saving money, the call quality is faultless and the service we get from Yestech is excellent.”


The Support Force

The Support Force links its international offices with a YTEL VoIP system

The Support Force provides IT solutions and support services to business customers throughout the UK.   Their HQ is in Surrey with satellite offices in London, Kent and in Cape Town, South Africa.   The company was an early adopter of VoIP technology, using an Avaya PBX system to connect telephone extensions in all of its offices.  

Director: Nigel Rawlins says “we have exploited the cost-saving benefits of VoIP telephony for several years and we are completely comfortable with the technology.   However, we recognized that our original PBX system was no longer an ideal solution to our requirements.   It wasn’t easy for us to configure and it didn’t have the flexibility to cope with our more demanding business needs.   We researched the market and were pleased to find that Yestech’s solution could do everything we needed with the added benefit thatour cash investment would be relatively low.”

Yestech installed a YTEL telephone server in the HQ office connected to SNOM telephones via existing CAT-5 network cabling.   Additional SNOM phones were then pre-configured and sent to the remote offices for simple DIY installation.    The entire network of telephone extensions is linked via the internet to create a fully integrated solution.   All calls between extensions wherever they are free of charge and call quality is indistinguishable from a traditional service – even to and from Cape Town.

Following a period of successful parallel operation with the existing Avaya system, the main ISDN telephone lines into the HQ office were switched painlessly to the new YTEL server.   The Support Force is now able to easily configure the way that inbound calls are routed to different teams at different times with added benefits of personal voicemail, detailed call logging and simple call forwarding options.

Nigel Rawlins comments that “We are very pleased with our new telephone system.   It is a vital part of our overall customer service infrastructure and it gives us many opportunities to develop our business to match our clients’ growing expectations.   Yesetch did a very good job and live up to their promise of being an easy company to do business with”.


Wessex Cars

We run a private hire taxi business in Winchester which we established in 1992.   We are the leading taxi operator in the city and we have reached that position by constantly meeting our customers’ needs for an efficient high quality service.  In our industry the ability to respond to telephone booking requests promptly is critical.  If we can’t answer the phone fast enough the customer will just call another taxi company.   Our challenge is to meet this demand with the minimum number of telephonists.

We saw the potential of IT to improve our productivity many years ago and we invested in a computerised booking system which enables us to a take a booking and communicate the details automatically to a driver in a less than a minute.   At the same time we installed a new telephone system which integrated with our booking management to pop up existing customers’ booking histories automatically when they call us. It was using this kind of technology that gained us our first business award in 2011 “Excellence Through Technology”

Unfortunately our first telephone system proved to be unreliable and the supplier seemed unable to support it properly.  After a year of frustration we started looking for alternatives.   One of our business partners recommended Yestech to us.   

Yestech gave us a quotation to replace our telephone server with one of their YTEL systems and to keep our existing VoIP phones.   They also promised to take over our phone numbers.   Their quotation was competitive and we liked what they had to offer but after been bitten once we were naturally very cautious about choosing another supplier.  We asked for references to other customers and after speaking to some of them we were reassured that Yestech was an honest and competent company to work with.

We now have a YTEL telephone server installed in our office which connects to four Polycom desk phones and we have two remote softphone extensions on our Directors’ laptops so they can be in the office from anywhere with Wi-Fi internet.   Incoming calls use the VoIP channel on a dedicated internet line.   The system integrates with our Diplomat Navigator booking system so that when a regular customer calls us their booking record pops open automatically on our operators PC.   The system has also enabled us to install remote extensions in a local hospital and in local hotel reception desks at very low cost so that customers can call our taxi service conveniently free of charge.

We are very pleased with the YTEL system.  It does what it’s supposed to, it works reliably and we get prompt support from Yestech when we need help.   Another benefit is that it costs less to run than our previous system.

Paul Smith
Managing Director

ARB Excellence LLP

We are specialist consultants in the practice of arboriculture. We work with companies of all sizes from big corporate, to individuals. The work we do is very varied, meaning we are often out and about working with customers.

We began working with Y-Tel when we shut down our previous business, and opened ARB Excellence from home. This meant we need help with getting our IT systems up and running. Y-Tel was able to provide an excellent system, which was much cheaper than other internet telephone providers, such as BT. Any issues, which were of a rarity, were dealt with promptly and efficiently.

I would highly recommend Y-Tel to anyone, whatever the size of your business; they’ll be able to find a solution that works for you.

Colin Bashford
ARB Excellence LLP


School Job Search

School Job Search is a website advertising teaching jobs, teaching assistant and all support vacancies in schools and other organizations involved in education. We launched in February 2009.

Before working with Y-Tel, we were using a phone system which was internet based through our web developer. The company was taken over, and the phone system was taken with them. Bill at Y-Tel was highly recommended to us, so we decided to give them a go.

The process has been very straightforward and any problems were dealt with immediately. Other than the odd hiccup or two, it has been plain sailing all the way. The direct personal attention from Bill has really made their service stand out, and we have been very happy with the phone system since they took over.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Y-Tel to any one; they have been very efficient and helpful. All the way through I have felt that I could come to Bill for advice and he has always come back with the best possible advice for our company.

Ronan McDonald
School Job Search


The Mortgage Hut

We are a firm of independent mortgage advisors based in Eastleigh, Hampshire.   I started the business with just one office assistant and in the early days we were able to get by with just one telephone but as we got busier this became a serious constraint.   Callers often could not get through to us and in our market a lost call is potentially a lost customer.  It became clear that we needed a proper office telephone system with more capacity to handle calls.

I spoke to some friends and business colleagues and one of them told me about the YTEL Communications’ VoIP service which they were using very successfully.   

When I learned what the YTEL service could do I was almost convinced that it was the perfect answer for us but I was wary of taking a risk with using unfamiliar technology on the lifeline of our business.  YTEL took that worry away from us very quickly.   They lent us a VoIP phone to try for a week and promised that if the service did not suit us then they would simply put everything back as it was with no financial penalty.

We now use a hosted YTEL telephone server which connects to VoIP telephones in our office and in other locations.  I can even connect my Android smartphone to the system and use the mobile device as another extension of our business phone system.   Our team can all use phones at the same time and customers can always get through to us without the service ever being engaged.   We do this using just one ordinary telephone line running a standard broadband service. 

Another very useful benefit of the service is the built-in call recording facility.   All our conversations are recorded and the records are stored as audio files on YTEL’s server.  This is a helpful quality control tool and it gives me some peace of mind that we can provide evidence in the event of a dispute about “who said what?” with a customer.

I also like the flexibility of the whole system.  As our business grows we just need to buy more phones and if we eventually move out our office we can just move the phones without having to change our numbers.

All in all I am very pleased with our decision to work with YTEL.   They give us sensible advice, they answer our calls promptly and they get things done quickly. 

Chris Schutrups
Managing Director



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