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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a way of transmitting telephone conversations over a broadband internet connection. You need to use special VoIP compatible telephones which connect via standard computer network cables to your internet router.

A good business-grade internet connection can enable up to 20 telephone calls to be made or received at the same time without loss of call quality.

We set up an account for you on a switchboard server which is hosted on the internet. We supply you with new VoIP telephones which we program to connect to your switchboard account.

We can take over your existing phone numbers from your current telephone service provider (e.g. BT) so that calls to your business numbers will make your new VoIP phones ring. When you make an outgoing call the person at the other end sees your correct business telephone number displayed. They cannot tell that the call has come from a VoIP phone.

Your phone numbers are no longer associated with physical lines so you can keep your numbers even if you move from one BT exchange to another or even if you use your VoIP phones abroad. You could call a UK customer from a VoIP phone on your account anywhere in the word and the customer will see your UK number presented to them. If they call you back the VoIP will ring and it costs neither of you any more than making a regular local call.

If you want new phone numbers we can allocate them quickly and easily to your account. You can have any area code you like no matter where you are.

The switchboard server provides fully comprehensive call handling features such as: voicemail, call diversion, call transfer, queuing, auto-attendant, conference calls, music-on-hold, call logging and call recording

Our system is like Skype in the same way that a flight on a private jet is like a flight on a no-frills airline. They both involve sitting on a plane and flying somewhere but the quality of service is vastly different.

Y-Tel is a true business grade service. You could not easily tell the difference between a VoIP call on our system and a regular telephone call.

You get a proper telephone and you do not need to use it in conjunction with a computer.

Before we can tell you exactly how much it will cost to setup and operate we need to know about your particular situation and what you want to do. The cost depends on the type of phones you need, how much work needs to be done on your site and how you want the system to be set up.

Our sales consultant will prepare a specific quotation for you after they have understood your requirements.

Most customers find that the overall monthly cost of using our VoIP telephone service is less than the cost of providing the same services with their current telephone service provider.

Not usually but it depends on how many people use the internet at the site and what they are doing. For businesses with more than about 8 phones and 8 PCs we might need to set up a second internet connection – with one used purely for VoIP.

If you are in area served by BT’s new fibre-optic internet service then one such line should be perfectly adequate for both VoIP and data traffic in almost all situations.

That depends on what you have now. If there is any doubt we will survey your current network and tell you what needs to be changed. Our installation engineers will do whatever work is necessary.

We can allocate any type of number to your account. You should bear in mind that non-geographic numbers such as 0844, 0845 and 0870 cost more for your customers to call than regular UK local and national numbers.

These days a cheaper option is to use 03xxx numbers. These are also non-geographic but they do not cost the caller a premium to call them.

With our VoIP service your phone number will be completely portable anyway so you can always keep it wherever and whenever you move office.

Yes, you certainly can! We can provide fixed-lines, broadband services as well as VoIP services.

There is very little equipment which is likely to breakdown at your sites.

We do most maintenance and support work remotely via the internet.

If a phone breaks then we post a replacement next day for you to simply plug in.

We can send an engineer to most places in mainland UK within 8 hours if we need to.

These days business-class internet services are generally very reliable but they will stop working occasionally. When that happens you won’t be able to use your VoIP phones until service is restored. There are two main contingency strategies:

1. We can redirect your incoming calls automatically to an alternative landline number or mobile number (or to several numbers at the same time) if we can’t reach your VoIP phones

2. We can supply a backup mobile internet dongle which remains plugged into your internet router. When the router detects that the primary internet connection has failed then it will automatically switch to the mobile internet service.

We always recommend that our customers keep a regular analogue telephone, connected to the line which runs their internet service, as a backup.

Our service centre is UK based and we provide 24 hour cover every day of the year.

There isn’t one. We never ask you to sign a fixed-term contract. You can switch to another service provider for any reason at any time without penalty.

We prefer to keep our customers’ loyalty by serving them properly. We rarely lose customers unless their own circumstances change.

We send you a bill at the beginning of each month for your phone calls and service charges in the previous month.

We prefer payment by direct debit.

The service is suitable for both residential and business use.

We have some customers who run home-based businesses and they use their VoIP account for all their calls but with separate phone numbers for home and business.

We can usually have your service set up and working within 3 working days.

It usually takes a week to import an existing phone number from another supplier.

Yes, easily and it doesn’t cost anything. You can keep your phone numbers even if you move from one BT area code to another.

Our hosted switchboard software runs on a cluster of inter-linked servers which share processors, memory and hard drives. Every hardware component in the cluster has at least one backup which can be brought into play automatically and immediately. It is almost impossible for the whole system to fail. A further level of resilience is that the entire system is duplicated in a separate data centre.

Our network of severs is hosted in a secure and professionally-managed data centre. Amazon uses the same data centre and uses a similar architecture for their European servers. Our view is that if it is good enough for Amazon then it is good enough for us!