Take control with trackable numbers

You’re a business and this means you have to market your services. This needn’t be a problem with trackable numbers.

Imagine placing a variety of telephone numbers on all your different marketing items. Like a number on a flyer that is different to a number on a business card. Or a leaflet contact number that is not the same as the one on the posters you use.

Now imagine seeing which numbers get the most calls, in other words, which marketing pieces are most effective?

So that you can tell which number someone dialled when they called you, we can “whisper” a greeting to you as you pick up the phone. That way you have an opportunity to answer the call in a different way. Alternatively, if you have one of our VoIP phones then we can display a tag name on the screen.

We can track multiple numbers, tell you the source number, and the date and time the call was made. We can also tell you who answered it (on your team) and how long the call lasted.

In other words, you can finally get complete control of your marketing.



  • We use our famous hosted switchboard to give you as many numbers as you like. You could have three numbers covering a flyer, a brochure and a radio advert.
  • We give each number a descriptive tag, like ‘leaflet’, so it doesn’t get confusing.
  • We forward the calls from the numbers to any number you specify, land or mobile.
  • You get a private login and user name so you can track the calls.

All of this from just £2 per number per month, and then all you pay after that is a low-cost incoming call charge (as little as 1p).

If your flyer is a dud, you’ll know before it costs too much.

Spending a fortune on a radio ad that doesn’t get any attention? We’ll help you ditch it before it wastes real money.

That ad you placed in the local paper? It’s a winner. And you know this how?

Because you are part of our number tracking service.

With discounts for multiple numbers and the ability to create a new number in under 60 minutes, we think there’s nothing else like this anywhere in the world.

Lost control of all that marketing stuff?

Get in touch, and make your marketing a streamlined, profitable machine.

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